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Wednesday Mar 12, 2008

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$hit happens, go on with ur life

Thursday Feb 14, 2008

There’s been a very non conducive situation in my office. With the merger, yearly appraisal and staffing,  everything seems to cloud the mood. Especially for me, but I promised myself I won’t bitch about my condition and I am sticking up to my promise.

I’ve been reading this blog and in particular the post about “when life give you shit”, I realize that $hit do happen in life. Deal with it and move on. That’s the soundest advice I’ve heard [or in this case, I’ve read] about how to handle life.

I know I promise that I won’t vent about things that are happening in my life, but the disappointments were sometimes really hard to take. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I set my expectations to high, or maybe that’s just it, $hit do happen. Hahaha, I wish I could just vent, but I won’t. I just won’t put my self down to the same level as that ugly bitchy politician in my office. Who will do anything to keep their position, and I really mean everything.

Sometimes I feel pity for them. They all think that the position that they have now is permanent. Well let me tell you a secret buddy, nothing is absolutely permanent in this world, not even YOU!!!. Maybe you won’t realize that now, but sometime in the future you will. That’s a promise. Not my promise, that’s just how the way life works.

There goes my promise not to vent huh? But I guess that’s my way of dealing with all the $hit that happens in my life. By realizing that $hit do happens then you vent a bit, and move on.

– tak berjudul tapi minta di doain –

Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

Lagi bengong di meja, secara memang kerjaan belum banyak. Masih nunggu SK perubahan struktur organisasi. Aku juga belum tau, apakah aku akan masih tetap di posisi sekarang atau akan pindah ke posisi yang baru. Tapi gosip yang beredar sie, katanya aku bakalan di pindah. Dimana aja lah untuk prajurit mah. Ikut perintah para jenderal ajah [idih, kesian ya :-(, tapi emang begitu kok].

Nah, daripada bengong, mending ngapdet blog aja kan. Tapi bingung juga sie mau cerita apa. Hmm….apa ya…any idea? hehehe..

Oh, iya, mau cerita ini aja. Kemarin, waktu nganterin Kay ke dokter, tiba-tiba handphone aku bergetar.. hmm..siapa ya?? Ternyata seseorang bernama Indri yang mengaku dari satu perusahaan multinasional di Jakarta. Dia mau jadualin waktu interview aku ama manager-nya, di hari Selasa jam 14.00 WIB di kawasan segitiga emas. Hah??…Cepet amat??…Tapi ga pa pa kan?…Tetep seneng dong..hehehehe.

Tapi berhubung aku lagi cuti, so interview-nya mesti di jadualin ulang, secara kan bingung juga kalo harus besoknya juga interview. Belum dapet kepe’an and kayaknya masih ga pede deh. Padahal sie ampe sekarang juga tetep ga pede sie secara terakhir ngejalanin job interview itu udah almost 8 years ago :-(. Jadi, kemarin pagi, aku bilang ke mbak Indri, “bisa ga interview-nya di jadual ulang? Kalo ga Kamis ya Jumat.” Dia bilang, akan dikabari secepatnya.

Kemarin sore, setelah makan siang, aku dikabarin lagi. Katanya jadual interview-nya berubah jadi hari Kamis, 24 Januari 2008, jam 13.00 WIB. Hmmppph..masih mepet juga sie sebenernya, tapi kan ga mungkin juga di jadualin ulang lagi. Ntar disangka ga serius lagi pengen pindah kerja.

Begitu dapet jadual baru, aku langsung kasih tau suami tercinta dong. Keluar deh petuah-petuah soal cara berinterview yang baik. Maklum, seperti yang aku bilang tadi, my last job interview itu udah ampir 8 tahun yang lalu, pastinya trik dan teknik menjawab interview kan udah banyak berubah. Tapi inti dari semua petuah suamiku itu, ya mesti PD. Jeeeee, gimana bisa pede, wong yakin bener ga bakalan pede. Tapi kita liat deh…gimana besok.

Ya udah deh, besok aku posting lagi secara pandangan mata dan pengalaman di interview [lagi]. Tapi sebelumnya, minta boleh minta tolong ga?..Doain dong, semoga besok siang interview-nya berjalan dengan mulus dan lancar, jangan sampe tersendat-sendat. Amiiin…..

better than puuuurrrrffffeeeecccctttt :)

Monday Oct 1, 2007

I feel sad this last week and I am not sure what’s wrong with me. I think because there are so many things in my mind, and I can’t really tell someone about it, not even my hubby. Because to tell you the truth, I don’t really know myself what’s wrong with me. WTF !!!….Hell, it’s driving me nuts!!

But after a long careful thinking, I think I know what’s wrong with me… well partly anyway. I am a freakin’ romantic and I am sooo damn bothered by this wonderful puuuuuurrrrrrfect relationship between the two strangers [to me anyway] whom blog I’ve been visiting every now and then.

Well, I always consider that I have this great relationship with my beloved hubby. Ever since we have known each other way back on 1993, we have this puuuuuuurrrrfffeeect connection, like we have the same kinda way of joking, or make fun of other people or we have a weird way of completing each other sentences — or so i believed — untill i read this 2 people who is soooo crazy in love with each other.

Hmm..what I’m trying to say is that I miss that butterflies feels on my tummy whenever we did something romantic, or the adrenalin rush whenever we did something naughty and afraid that someone might see us or even caught us. I guess I miss the adventurous and romantic part in our relationship and guess what??… I am not the only one :), turns out my hubby were also feeling kinda the same [told ya….weird connection..:p]

Well, last Friday my husband and I have a very heart to heart talk about our current relationship. How we take everything for granted. Knowing that we both will always understand each other that we forget to keep the romance going, and I have to tell you that it’s a very dangerous thing to do. You have to always keep the romance going!!! always…always….

On our last conversation, I told my husband little things that I loooove about him. Little silly things…but that’s what made me fall in love with him over the years…

I like his attitude when he was doing the cross puzzle and making fun of me for not being able to answer the simplest question.

I like his laugh, which I feel very contagious. It’s like a wave of rumbles soft voice coming out that beautifuly shape mouth 🙂

I miss feeling of his hands on my cheeks, wiping the tears away, or just messing with my hair, or even a small pat on my butt….Aww….I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss him doing little things like that.

I told him that because I love him so deeply, I put him on a pedestal. I don’t want to bother him telling that I miss him, miss doing little thing with him; like watching our favorite TV Series, I won’t bother him by telling about my problem at the office, coz I know that he has problem of his own, like how to finished his thesis or doing his school assignment. I thought I was doing him a favor by not telling him that entire problem, for that cause the gap in our relationship and I don’t even know it.

But I also told him that I was wrong, and I intend to make everything right. To always keeps the romance going. NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES !!!.

Promise to always say that I love him, and continue to touch him, and make him the most important man in my live [coz he was, he is and he always will, I just forget to say it from time to time].

So honey, if you read this post, please believe me, I am trying my best to make the most of what we have and always…always cherish you and love you for the rest of my live.

This I promise you…….

And after that long talk, I feel better, a lot better. I realized, what my husband and I have is better than puuuuuuurrrrfffffffeeeccccctttt…because we have survived 14 years together and still standing up strong. Maybe we forget to keep the romance going from time to time, but that’s very human.

I really like to know if that perfect stranger will ever find the strength to survive the relationship just like us. But I sure hope they do, coz in a way I have them to thanks for reminding me that not because you have spend 14 years together, you can take everything for granted and forget to say the most important words in the relationship, that three magic little words… I LOVE YOU…
So thank you to Miund and Yodee :)…..

new chapter of my life

Friday Sep 7, 2007

Today I am facing the new days of becoming another thirty something [hehehe..keukeuh ga mau ngasih tau number-nya] women.

Starting “D” day with a nice wishes from my beloved hubby :), along with a present….you’ll find me with a new scent now :). Then a couple of message come to my cellphone, followed by a few phone call. All whising the same thing… “Happy birthday to ME…”
Here’s a few ‘congrats’ from my friends and family, either by phone, or sms’ or emails.

From – 08119266** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 12.11 am :selamat ulangtahun.panjang usia, sehat selalu.

From – 6285692210*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 12.30 am : Ya Allah, Perkayalah Kakak ku ‘Teh Na’ dengan keilmuan, Hiasilah hatinya dengan kesabaran, Muliakanlah wajahnya dengan ketakwaan dan Perindahlah fisiknya dengan kesehatan serta terimalah aal ibadanya dengan melipatgandakan, karena Engkau Dzat Penguasa. Amiin Happy Birthday ya Teh Na, tambah rejeki, panjang umur, sukses selalu dan selalu dalam lindungan Allah..Amiin [Fika]

From – +6285624319*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 12.46 am :Teh N’na HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya, semoga panjang umur dan banyak rezeki dan tambah sayang ma Kay and A’ ogud juga ya…hehehe..- Aldi

From +628161915*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 3.55 am : We don’t expect much but you’re always in wellness, so you can take care of use as we always do for you. happy birthday bun, love dada n kay.

From +625695656*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 5.02 am : Selamat Ultah Ka’ Nana cantik, Semoga tambah cantik, tambah langsing, tambah banyak rezeki. Panjang umur dan Kay cepet dapet adik yaa… Luv ciesha, andara, mom and pap.

From +6281511078*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 5.24 am : Selamat ulang tahun semoga sukses selalu

From +6281585899*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 5.55 am : Bu, Met Ulang Tahun, MG PNJG UMUR, SEHAT SLLU & TMBH SUKSE AMIN & d tunggu telaktiraya. [a direct quote from my maid]

From +628138114*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 6.01 am : Slmt ultah diiringi doa pd Allah sht sll mrh rejeki nyaman kehidupan dan panjang umur. Salam buat semua.

From +6281318550*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 6.12 am : Meth Ulang Tahun syg…Mg pj umur, sehat selalu, mrh rezeki & mg tercapai & mendapatkan semua yang d inginkan Amiin… T Sil, Om Eri & Odri

From +62813102770*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 6.55 am : Na, Happy B’day ya.. Semoga pj umur en sukses slalu, sukses dalam b’karir jg sukses dl b’rumah tangga. Amin.

From +628138465*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 7.15 am : HAPPY B’DAY To U HAPPY B’DAY TO U DEAR SAVIRA    HAPPY B’DAY TO U happy b’day my dear friend, may Allah bless u, amien

From +628161104**** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 8.07 am : Met Ultah ya, semoga sukses dan selalu diberikan kesehatan Amin.

From +6281590020*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 8.23 am :Happy Birthday bunda…Mah Allah SWT bless you in your birthday and everyday of your life and may all your wishes come true. Love aunty, om kitting and kk.

From +62859002*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 8.26 am : Savira, Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. Birthday is to celebrate and age is only a number and aging means nothing when young at heart forever….Happy….Happy…Happy birthday…

From +6285659316*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 9.11 am : Na, selamat ulang tahun, ya. tante Ivy odakan smg panjang umur, dimurahkan rezekinya, sehat2 selalu dan selalu dekat denganNya. Amiin. T. Ivy dan keluarga Bogor

From +6285624319*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 10.02 am : Sending message, in a special day, i just want to say my sizta happy bday, wish you all the best – ado

From +628118818*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 10.13 am : Savira my dear, happy birthday honey.

From +628111585*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 12.01 pm : Nha, Selamat ulang tahun ya…Semoga selalu sehat, bahagia & sukses terus. Amien…salam untuk Dedi and Kay

From +6285128003*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 07.31 pm : Happy birhtday yah 3# bukan? wish you all the best. Sabtu bisa dateng ga?

From +6285695496*** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 08.49 pm : Teh, nie Icha, icha ama ayala cuma mw ngcapin slamet ulang thun ya…Semoga pnjng umurnya dan byk rezekinya Amien… Icha_Ayala

From +6281613185** – Thursday September 6, 2007 – 08.53 pm : Selamat Ulang tahun ya, Na Semoga panjang umur,bahagia selalu bersama keluarga serta senantiasa sukses dalam segala Hal, Amiin, Hidayat, Rinny, Fiandy dan Andra

Add to that i get many happy birthday congrats from my friend in person, also by phone, so it’s kinda hard to write it down :)..but I also got some emails…so i better write them down before I forget :)…

From: Henny Susanti
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 8:19 AM
To: Savira Dwinanda
Subject: hepi besdey
Selamat ulang tahun ya Bu…
Semoga banyak rejeki, sehat, dan selalu dalam lindungan Allah SWT

From: [] On Behalf Of adang suhendrayana
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 11:11 AM
Subject: [phy3] Nha ultah
Buat Nha Selamat ulang tahun (happy birthday) yach tgl 06092007
gue kirim hari ini (05092007)takut kalo besok kelupaan
semoga sukses selalu…. oh iyach kayaknya gue udah lama banget ngga ketemu lo…

From: Yanti Yamin
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 9:37 AM
To: Savira Dwinanda
Cc: Inti Amaliah; susanti dewi; Retnani, Dwi

Dear Nha,
Semoga panjang umur….murah rejeki……de el el…..

Salam kangen..

From — Inti Amaliah
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 9:43 AM
To: Yanti Yamin; Savira Dwinanda
Cc: susanti dewi; Retnani, Dwi
Subject: RE: happy b’day

aku jg udah telpon barusan slamat ultah ya…

From : Retnani, Dwi
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 9:47 AM
To: Savira Dwinanda
Cc: Inti Amaliah; susanti dewi; Yanti Yamin<
Subject: RE:

Savira Dwi Nanda ..
>Selamat Ulangya ..
dapet kado apa dari papah deddy ?

sehat selalu, murah rejeki dan selalu dilindungi Allah SWT ya …

dwi retnani

From: Aris Susanto
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 4:47 PM
To: Savira Dwinanda
Subject: MET ULTAH


Maaf agak telat baru buka dashboard
he he he

Hmm..when i looked at all those mesages..i feel like i am the luckiest girl alive for having soo many people care about me….Thank you for all my family and friends…for the pray that you all say on my birthday…I can never thank you enough, I just hope Allah SWT will bless all of you….and may you all have the best in your life…..Amin……

Hmm…I am hoping turning thirty something [hehehehe] will make me more mature and more patient and will have many good thing that life have to offer for me :). Amiiin….

First Time

Tuesday Sep 4, 2007

Please be gentle with me, this is my first time :)…

Boong deng… Ini kali pertama aku menuliskan pengalaman ku di Blog baru-ku ini.

Blog lama terpaksa di tutup, karena satu dan lain hal. Mudah-mudahan di rumah menulisku yang ini, aku akan lebih giat lagi nulis postingan-postingan baru.

Sedih juga sie, karena Savira’s Favorite Little World udah jadi rumah yang menyenangkan untukku. Lumayan banyak kenangan dan cerita yang aku punya disitu, tapi mau gimana lagi….yang terbaik memang mesti di tutup.

Ok deh…segini dulu postingan pertamaku. Semoga menyusul postingan2 yang lainnya.
Wish me luck.

Untaian kata indah dari seorang sahabat

Friday Apr 2, 2004

Hari ini aku sibuk sekali…hmm…capek deh rasanya….di kantor lagi ada acara…Temu Wicara sama 3 Menteri, Kapolri dan ketua KPU…maklum lah…udah deket pemilu….

Sehabis acara selesai…untuk nge-relax-in aku chat ama seorang sahabat….ngobrol ngalor ngidul…mbahas segala macem.

Sahabat aku ini orang-nya sich ngaku-nya pemalu, awalnya sie aku ga percaya. Abis kalo liat orangnya, keliatannya penuh percaya diri gitu. Tapi setelah kenal lama-lama bener-nya juga. Ternyata dia itu orangnya cuek dan pemalu-mungkin tepatnya bukan pemalu kali ya…tapi lebih banyak cuek..dan ga mau tau masalah orang atau urusan orang, tapi kesan yang dikasih liat itu malah kayaknya dia itu sombong banget…pelit kata-kata….

Waktu kenal, dia bilang kalo dia bukan orang yang romantis, ga pernah bisa nggombal, sekalipun pada waktu pendekatan ama cewe’ yang dia suka…dia bilang dia orangnya straight to the point, ga pernah muter-muter, dan cuek….hahahahaha….jadi kalo orang yang baru kenal…suka sebel sama gayanya yang sok cool…..

Mungkin karena cuek itu lah dia ngerasa kalo dia bukan orang romantis, ga pernah tuch nulis-nulis puisi. kalo anniversary ama pacarnya…kasih kado and makan keluar (dengan catatan kalo punya uang…hehehehe…:-)….)….”Kirim bunga kalo pas pacar ulang taun sih pernah..tapi biasa aja deh, ga bisa diitung romantis,” begitu katanya waktu aku tanya…romantis ga sich kamu mas?…

Nah…waktu kita chat…tiba-tiba dia nulis rangkaian kata….

Last night I asked an old wise man
To tell me all the secrets of the universe.
He murmured slowly in my ear,
“This cannot be told, but only learned”

aku bilang…”bagus…siapa yang tulis ?”..
terus dia bilang…”aku”, katanya…
“Helooooo…. kaget dong, lah..bukannya katanya ga pernah bikin puisi, kok mendadak bisa tulis kata-kata puitis gitu hehehehehehe”
Memang sich untaian katan-nya bukan yang romantis, tapi kan tetep aja.

Tulisan pendek sahabatku yang katanya ga pernah bikin puisi itu bikin aku sadar, setiap orang itu fleksibel ya, cara beradaptasinya hebat, makanya manusia itu mahluk ciptaan yang paling sempurna ya….