the boys take the stage – 1st and 2nd week

Thursday Feb 28, 2008

It’s the season 7 of American Idol, which is my favorite show ever since it’s been aired from season 2. Since last year I have the privilege to see the show live since the audition up till the grand finale. So, I want to try to write a post for this show, well kinda like a review, but from my point of view.

OK, shall we begin?

It was 2 weeks on the row for was the boys turn to shake the stage. Because I was watching it with my baby, so it was on and off.’s not that, it’s because there’s no electricity that night…duhh…to the PLN… But since it was aired later on that night, I was able to watch it. So I can’t give too many comments for the show.

For all the 12 then 10 guys that shakin’ up the stage last week and last night , here’s a few guy that I think will be the top 12 and may be the next American Idol 2008 ;

1. David Archuleta – the sweet guy from Murray, Utah. The sweet 17 guy that is very polite and quite shy. But the judge always gave him a very nice comment both on the first week and last night. But it was justified, because he is such a sweet heart, even Ryan Seacrest says that the audience not only can vote for him but also can adopt him.. ha ha…very funny Ryan 🙂 .
2. Michael Johns – the hunk from Buckhead, Georgia. Who already wins my heart and I am sure a few hundred other women all over the world when he sang Bohemian Rhapsody. Even though he did received a good review last night but what can I say?? He is still gorgeous nonetheless.
3. Jason Castro – The cute guy with a great voice from Rockwall, Texas. He didn’t get a good review last night-not like a week before, but I like him, I think he will be one of the top 6 guys in this season.
4. I think David Hernandez is also a great singer, though on the first week he didn’t get a good review, but he makes it up last night. He is also a nice view for a sore eyes don’t u think?
5. David Cook, though personally I don’t really like him, but he sang quite beautifully last night. I don’t like him coz I think he is a snob 🙁 . He never stands up when the girls were on stage singing their heart out, not even a clapping hand.
6. Chikezie, the guy that already been on the competition though I forgot which season, but I think he has a great vocal. I’ll put him on the top 12.

Now I want to comment for a not so best performance, sorry guys, but it’s not my rules that there has to be the best and not so best. So, here goes:

1. I really don’t get that Danny Noriega person. I mean, if he wants to be a hmm what do you call it?..”banci kaleng”?? Well do it all the way, not half way like that. Weird is all I can think of him whenever I saw him 🙁 .
2. Jason Yeager – I think he also one guy from the feminine side. Don’t get me wrong, I think every guy must have a feminine side, but NOT like him or Danny Noriega 😀 .
3. Well, I am glad that I don’t have to comment the performance of Colton Berry and Garret Haley since they have been voted off from last week shows. I guess it is because I don’t have any interest what so ever towards those two.
4. Luke Menard, a guy from Crawfordsville Indiana who looks like Dawson Creek actor – James Van Der Beek is it?..well I don’t know and I don’t care, but to tell you the truth, for someone that is already doing some singing tour for 2 years, he sure doesn’t sing too well, not too bad either, just doesn’t seem to be an American Idol material you know.
5. As for other contestants, I don’t think I am interested enough to even mention them in my blog 😀 hehehehe

Well, I guess I’ll warp up this review… first review..hahaha…hopefully it’s gonna be a beginning of a me doing some review…hahaha.. yeah I wish…