salute to Mr. Cook – my American Idol

Monday May 26, 2008

OMG, I was just finished watching his performance through the kindness of the great youtube and all I can say is that Mr Cook was VERY COOL and VERY AWESOME.

On the first round, he sang a Roberta Flack song, “The First Time Ever I saw Your Face”, and I feel like he was singing the song for me *yeah right, I wish*. He sang it so beautifully. His mom was standing while listening her son singing from the beginning up till the end.

At the first round all the song was chosen by the judges, and Mr. Cook is very lucky to get Mr. Cowell to chose a song for him. Simon says that it was one of the great song ever and he admits it is one of the toughest song to sing, but he believed that Mr. Cook will able to sing it. Guess what?…. HE DID…. Even Mr. Cowell say that the first round goes to Cook and Cowell since he wins the round.

For the second round he sang something, and I don’t really know what the tittle is. To tell you the truth I don’t really care. Coz I don’t really like what he sang in the second round and Mr. Cowell would back me up on that one 🙂 . He said, it was an ok round for all the contestant and I couldn’t agree more.

Finally for the third round, he sang “I don’t want to miss a thing”, and all i can say is Ohh My God. That song would certainly gave him a free ticket to the finale. Again, Mr. Cowell was backing up my comment.

From here on, I believe he will be the 2008 American Idol. To Mr. Cook, here my salute to you.. please do keep up the good work.