If only I could

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Lately, there are some structure changes in the company where I work. Late last year, the merger between JSX and SSX has been completed therefore we have to evolve accordingly. Based on that, I was moved to a new Division. I was kinda hoping that this restructuring would be a fresh start for me. But I guess it was asking too much, at least for me.

In all my professional years [no..it’s not that long, it’s around 10 years or so], I always have been the unfortunate because I always have a lady boss. How come I said that it’s unfortunate? Because mostly, lady boss always think with they heart. They are rarely objective [easy for all the lady boss out there, I am not saying that all lady boss is like that, it’s purely based on my experience only…so if there’s a lady boss that is a very good boss..just keep up the good work 🙂 ..]

I was thinking to myself, is it just me or is it everyone else’s wish also? Then I have the answer to my silent question, and I found out that it’s probably everyone wishes to have the privilege to work under a great Boss. Even though the criteria of a great boss is really subjective, but I think we can agree to some basic personal traits that is required for someone to be a boss i.e. have to have a leadership traits, never subjective [at least always try to be objective towards his/her subordinate and colleagues], have a great knowledge of what he/she was doing etc, and so far, I’ve only been lucky to have been working for a great boss once.

If only I could, I would want to choose who is the person I will work for. I mean, how come the boss get to choose whom they work with without the consent of their subordinate?? hahaha..I guess that’s a stupid question. Of course it’s because they have privilege if not the money. But what I mean is, if they choose to have you as their subordinate, shouldn’t they treat you good?

If only I could, once I am a boss, I will think every step of my move with logic, well probably a little heart here and there, but never with heart all the way, because once you start think with your heart, you’ll think with it all the time. Then I promise you, it will do more harm than good.

If for now I only could dream that if one day I’ll be a good boss, for the time being, I will try to do my best as an employee or better yet, just be the better person I know. Start from there, hopefully everything will turn out good.

I HOPE……..