how well do you know yourself?

Tuesday Jan 19, 2010

I keep repeating that question on my head ever since this morning. I was just found out something about myself. Turns out I am who I think I am… at least on the eyes of several person.

Sometimes I want to say “sr**w you…all of you”. But I can’t. I always try my best to fit in, in any kind of situation. Try my best to be a likeable. Lately I feel that it is nearly impossible trying to do something to please most people if not everyone 🙁 .

Call me naive or whatever, but that’s just how I am. I like to please everyone around me so then they would like me. Is it a wrong thing to do? Maybe. But again, that’s just how I am.

This morning I got a surprise from one of my best friend that said, people said some bad stuff about me. I mean, I am not a new comer when it comes to office gossips, but still it hurt listening that some peole thinking or worse, talking bad about you right? As for me, it will always feel hurt when you have someone badmouthing you 🙁 .

I don’t like to have the feeling I am having right now. To tell you the truth, it is kinda like s**w with my head. Not a little…quite a lot I think. Like I said, I would really like for people to like me. I will go around in a way if I think that’s what it takes so people would like me.

But maybe that’s the problem. I mean, you don’t have do anything you don’t have to to make people like you. Just be who you are. And you can’t expect all people to like you. People have all different kind of reason for liking other people and that goes for the opposite.

So maybe if I can accept that fact, I will not try to change myself so I can be whoever everyone wanted me to be. Just be myself. Try to love myself for who I am. Will not change anything so everybody would like me. I guess if I can be someone who love themselves then I really do know myself.