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Wednesday Jul 2, 2008

Hmm…don’t get me wrong. What I mean by friend here is not really a friend, but kinda anyway. Since they have been our friend for our whole ten years from early 1990’s untill mid 2000’s. You know, TV Series “Friends”.

I just watched a Friends re-run last night. It’s an episode when Jennifer Aniston and Brad PItt was still a couple. Rumor has it, Brad played a guess star in that series because he looove his wife so much and want to be a part of what she does….*ahhh soo sweet* 🙂

Like you may already know, the audience of friends (in the studio) were always laughing or gigling or even doing some “oooohhh or aaahhhh or wooohoooo” whenever there was a guess star entered a scene.

There’s no difference when Brad appeared in front of Monica for thanksgiving, I mean…He wowed the audience and there’s like a woooohooo moment with all the cheering and shouting. But who can blame them? He is sooo gorgeous. A handome HUNK 🙂

The funny thing is the comment from the cast, like Chandler. When Brad (his name was Will) was introduced to him, he said, “I am sorry I was so engrossed with the TV, and I think it will be good for my ego if I don’t stand next to you”. Hahahahahahaha, it was hilarious. I mean, he realized that Brad would make him look bad if he stands next to him 🙂

Another funny comment comes from Phoebe. As you already may know, she is known with a very witty comment. When she was introduced to Brad, she was only took one glace at his direction, but the her face was glowing, then she gives two thumbs up to God and said, “Wow…, great job”. It was like the funniest look ever…hehehe.

Even though the series is long gone, but I still looooove watching its re-run. It was a great show, and it still doesn’t have an equal.

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