$hit happens, go on with ur life

Thursday Feb 14, 2008

There’s been a very non conducive situation in my office. With the merger, yearly appraisal and staffing,  everything seems to cloud the mood. Especially for me, but I promised myself I won’t bitch about my condition and I am sticking up to my promise.

I’ve been reading this blog and in particular the post about “when life give you shit”, I realize that $hit do happen in life. Deal with it and move on. That’s the soundest advice I’ve heard [or in this case, I’ve read] about how to handle life.

I know I promise that I won’t vent about things that are happening in my life, but the disappointments were sometimes really hard to take. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I set my expectations to high, or maybe that’s just it, $hit do happen. Hahaha, I wish I could just vent, but I won’t. I just won’t put my self down to the same level as that ugly bitchy politician in my office. Who will do anything to keep their position, and I really mean everything.

Sometimes I feel pity for them. They all think that the position that they have now is permanent. Well let me tell you a secret buddy, nothing is absolutely permanent in this world, not even YOU!!!. Maybe you won’t realize that now, but sometime in the future you will. That’s a promise. Not my promise, that’s just how the way life works.

There goes my promise not to vent huh? But I guess that’s my way of dealing with all the $hit that happens in my life. By realizing that $hit do happens then you vent a bit, and move on.

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