I hate Starer

Tuesday Apr 8, 2008

U knows a person who stares. I think it’s not polite to stare to someone that you know and IT IS RUDE to stare to someone you doesn’t know.

For some reason, I know why people stare. Usually because the person that become the object of the stare must be really different either in a good way or the other way.

But for whatever reason, I think it’s not POLITE to STARE, especially if the person that you stare at is staring back and show that she didn’t like it. You should just BACK OFF and not keep STARING

I just have an experience of people staring at me. Yesterday. A man staring at me through a mirror on an elevator. When I caught him staring, I thought he would just turn his stare away. But NO….he keep staring at me and I was the one who looked away. That’s not right, a person who was caught staring is supposed to be the one who looked away

Well, I just hated when something like that happen. Do you guys have any suggestion about how you should do if someone stares at you excessively? Please do tell me. I want to know how to react if I am in the same position as I was before so I won’t get mad but get even?? Thank you kindly for your response.

To all the people who like to stare, STOP IT. You are making the people that you stare at very uncomfortable.

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